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Automatic Thermoforming Machine

5030 Series

5030 Series
Suitable for PP / HIPS

This Series are capable to producing higher strokes with higher Accuracy with / without PLC, Servo Motor as well as Double cam arrangement

5030 Series - Special Features

  • Machine construction is very robust, with all Box type excruded heavy duty structural frame & mounted on anti vibration pad for smooth and noiseless running.
  • High precision Double Cam provided over a rigid Cam support on main shaft to attain firm position & accuracy.
  • The upward adjustment of Bottom platten (cutting height) can be adjusted with single screw attached with double leg punch fork.
  • Use of duplex sandwitch heater arrangement allows even the thickest material to be heated with the minimum material stress to suit the product being formed & is also assisted by a multi heating zone controlled by PID Controllers & Thuristor system (for PP & HIPS with top heater).
  • Accurate Indexing of sheet (web) is done by spiky chain conveyor & driven by electrical motor / A.C Brake motor.
  • A peircing heater is provided at the start of both sides of the chain for smooth conveying of the sheet through spiky chain
  • All other close controls of various stages are given by a particular comprehensive range of controls provided in the machine.
  • Anti sagging arrangements have been provided on both sides of the chain conveyer to control the sag.

5030 Series - Optional Features

  • Micro - Processors (PLC) controls can be provided for close controls of all the stages of operation.
  • Servo motor which is monitored by a positioner via micro-processor can be provided for accurate indexing of sheet

5030 Series - Technical Specifications

Technical Specification MLEW / PS / 5030-12 /AT MLEW / PP / 5030-12 /AT
Dry Cycle per Min 40 30
Sheet Width with PP 530 mm (Max) 530 mm (Max)
Forming Width with PP 500 mm (Max) 500 mm (Max)
Transport Length 330 mm (Max) 330 mm (Max)
Platten Size 770 mm X 310 mm 770 mm X 310 mm
Sheet Thickness 0.30 mm - 1.20 mm 0.30 mm - 1.20 mm
Maximum Draw Depth 120 mm 120 mm
Forming Area 500 mm X 300 mm 500 mm X 300 mm
Main Motor 5.62 KW 5.62 KW
Top Heater 22.75 KW <AC Frequency Drive> 22.75 KW
Bottom Heater   18.20 KW
Heating Zones/Top Heating 7 zones 7 zones
Heating Zones/Bottom Heating   7 zones
Heating Element in each Zone 5 elements in the Top
5 elements in the Top
4 elements in the Bottom
Size of Machine 5.7 m (L) X 2.8 m (W) X 2.7 m (H) 5.7 m (L) X 2.8 m (W) X 2.7 m (H)
Weight of Machine 3 Tonne (approx) 3 Tonne (approx)
Air Pressure 7-6 BAR 7-6 BAR
Water Temperature 22° - 25° C 7° - 8° C
Water Pressure 1 BAR 1 BAR