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Corporate Profile

Founded in the year 1984 by young, innovative & enterprising Mr. N K DAS, MLEW remain confined as a specialized tooling & machining enterprise till its first break through in field of multi cavity mould making for Plastic Thermoforming application in the year 1992.

Since then MLEW never had to look back and over next five years established itself as an undisputed leader in field of high precision thermoforming mould manufacturing in India. Having tested the quality standards and realizing the technical competency of MLEW, the Indian thermoforming industry motivated and pushed MLEW to develop and launch its first model - MLEW-5028 Thermoforming Machine in the year 1998 & sheet extrusion in 2000. With it began a new era of continuous technological evolution to satisfy the needs of the ever demanding thermoforming industry. Over the next 10 years, MLEW launched a series of models with advanced technical features for its clients.

Exhibiting the highest level of professionalism for over a decade, MLEW Engineering Pvt. Ltd. took more than 70% of domestic market share in its fold with more than 500 forming machines & 7000 moulds installations and firmly established itself as a true leader with a genuine supportive attitude towards its valued customer and the industry as a whole. No wonder why the customers across the domestic arena as well of other continents, kept on repeating the installation of MLEW Brand of forming technology and the yield generated thus converted in to infrastructural expansion, both human resources wise & addition of unit 1 & unit 2 manufacturing base covering a total area of 19000 sq.ft.

The journey which began with all mechanical CAM based 5028 forming machine has progressed up to fully Servo controlled models EXCEL-I & II and sheet extrusion line with 350kg per hour capacity. Besides the thermoforming technology MLEW has added another wing in field of Injection moulds, Paper Cup machine. However we are not far from achieving our ultimate objective to be acknowledged as world's finest manufacturer of plastic thermoforming technology.

For MLEW the journey has just begun...