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Automatic Thermoforming Machine



SWIVEL - Special Features

  • Machine Construction is very robust with overall box type extruded heavy-duty structural frame and mounted on anti-vibration pad for smooth and noiseless running.
  • Infinitely Controlled Platen Movement by High Precision Twin Eccentric powered by Servo Motor driven reduction Gear Box.
  • It has an option to adjust the cutting height in micron level which enables good trim quality
  • Use of Duplex sandwich heater arrangement allows even the thickest material to be heated with the minimum material stress to suit the product being formed and is also assisted by a multi heating zone controlled by PID with SSR Module.
  • It has an option to adjust the heater trolley in height and width as per required web width as well as shape and size of the product.
  • The accurate indexing of sheet (web) is done by spiky chain conveyor and driven by a servomotor.
  • It has an option to control web length at mm difference with precise sheet indexing via microprocessor.
  • A Servo Driven Plug Assist is provided in the machine to enhance the product quality and uniform wall thickness of formed products.
  • A piecing heater is provided at the start of both side of chain for smooth conveying of the sheet through spiky chain.
  • All other close controls of various stages are given by a particular comprehensive range of controls provided in the machine through Micro Processor / PLC.
  • It is easy and has an operator friendly touch screen option.
  • Accurate and micron positioning controls ensures high quality and optimum utilization.
  • It has an Anti sagging arrangement provided on both sides of the chain conveyor to control the sag.
  • It also has an option to run the machine at the Automatic Mode, after setting up manually and vice versa.
  • It has an essence to save time resulting high productivity with micron accuracy.
  • Wider span twin support at Bottom Platen results zero bulging even for widest maximum mold.
  • Highest operation cycles per minute achieved with clinical smoothness results in top quality forming.
  • Trouble shooting points are visible in screen instantly.
  • A Tilt Mould Technology has been adopted to Swivel the bottom part of the mould driven by Servo Motor and synchronized with Auto Stacker for smooth stacking of the formed products.
  • An Automatic Stacking unit is coupled with the machine and aligned with bottom platen driven by Servo Motor for accurate staking.
  • A Separator is provided at Auto-Stacking unit to separate a pre-fix required number of glasses/Cups from stacked products to achieve the uniform counting in each packet.
  • Advance Technology Electrical/electronic system helps almost maintenance free machine.
  • Auto Stacking prevents any human touch to finished products and improved Hygiene condition of the plant.
  • Auto Staking facilitates lowering down of manpower requirement, which in turn creates a low cost of production.
  • Auto Staking prevents the air throw ejection system and avoids any de-shaping of finished products.
  • An Auto lubrication pump is provided in the machine for continuous lubrication of all brushes and bearings for smooth movement and avoid wear and tear of such components.
  • Separate lubricators are provided at the entry point of spur guide for better and smooth movement of chain transmission and piercing of sheet.

SWIVEL - Technical Specifications

Sl. No. Description Details
1 Dry Cycle 25 min-1
2 Sheet Width 530mm Max
3 Forming Width 500 mm Max
4 Transport Length 350mm Max
5 Platen Size 800mm x 350mm
6 Sheet Thickness 0.3mm - 1.3mm
7 Maximum Draw Depth 120mm (150mm Optional)
8 Forming Area 500mm x 300mm
9 Punching Force 280KN
10 Platen Movement Servo Driven - 12KW
11 Sheet Feeding Servo Driven - 2.2KW
12 Plug Assist Servo Driven - 2.2KW
13 Tilting Servo Driven - 3.75KW
14 Stacking Servo Driven - 0.5KW
15 Unwinder 0.75KW
16 Scrap Winder 0.37KW
17 Top Heater 27.30KW
18 Bottom Heater 18.20KW
19 Heating Zone (Top) 7 Zones
20 Heating Zone (Bottom) 7 Zones
21 Heating Element in Top 6 Elements
22 Heating Element at Bottom 5 Elements
23 Total Connected Load 67.27 KW
24 Consumption Load 40.35 KW
25 Size of the Machine 7.5m (L) x 4m (W) x 2.7m (H)
26 Weight of the Machine 6 Ton
27 Air Pressure 7 - 6 Bar
28 Water Pressure 1 Bar
29 Water Temperature 7° - 8° Celcius

SWIVEL - Stacking Mechanism

The formed product is being inserted in to the chute by the ejection system and the stacker reverts back. After that the separator separates the products from the chute as per the desired requirement.