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Automatic Vacuum Forming Machine


Uniformer I

  • Forming Station
  • Trimming Station
  • Stacking Unit

UNIFORMER - Special Features

  • Adequately spaced forming station facilitates higher number of cavities even for larger size products.
  • Combination of vacuum & pressure application results in enhancement of forming quality even for critically contoured products, like never before.
  • All principal motions are servo controlled for attaining highest level of consistency and accuracy.
  • Forming & Trimming stations are separated by distance in the same linear axis and thus the individual tool life extends tremendously.
  • High speed Trimming station driven by Eccentric Shaft & powered by servo motor optimizes both accuracy & speedy of trimming operation
  • Fully automatic post trimming operation for counting and finished product stacking facility ensure lowest man power involvement.
  • All bought out materials are of highest quality standard and are sourced from word reputed brands
  • Can well accept PS/HIPS/EPS/PVC/PP polymers of forming grade
  • Ensure the yield point i.e. one operator per machine need

UNIFORMER I > Forming Station - Technical Specifications

Technical Specification Forming Station
Effective Size 650 mm X 500 mm
Max Depth of Product 100 mm
Operational Speed 20 cycles/min
Processable Polymer PS/PVC/HIPS/EPS/PP
Feed Indexing Power 2.2 KW Servo Drive
Feed Indexing System Through Spike Chain
Sheet Heating System Through Infra-red high sensetive heaters controlled by
9 nos PID temp controller
Rool Unwinding Unit Max width 680 mm
  Max Dia 600 mm

UNIFORMER I > Trimming Station - Technical Specifications

Technical Specification Trimming Station
Trimming Area (Max) 650 mm X 300 mm
Trimming Speed (Max) 100 Cycles/min
Trimming Tool movement Through eccentric operated connecting rod
powered by AC Servo Motor
Total Stroke (Max) 120 mm
Trimming Force 140 KN
Feeding System Formed web being fed by AC Servo system
with provision of feed length setting by
digital numeric value, A 4 roll feeding station
is driven by 2.2 KW AC Servo Motor

UNIFORMER I > Stacking Unit - Technical Specifications

Technical Specification Stacking Unit
Stacking Chute Collector Chute of SS304 with dividers
Stacking Table Size 700 mm X 300 mm
Control System Through PLC for logic sequence program synchronisation
of perfect timing operation incorporated with
signaling servers safety sensors
Operation Speed 90 Shots / Min
Electrical Standards 405 V (+/-) 5% 3 Phase 50 H3
Total Weight 5 Ton
Dimension 1750 mm(W) X 1800 mm(L)  X 2700 mm(H)